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Home Care and Home Health Care: Are They the Same?

Home Care and Home Health Care: Are They the Same?

With the comfort and safety of one’s very own abode, there’s no doubt why home is the best place for patients to recover in. Fortunately, home care and home health care enable patients to do so. Of all the innovations and trends in the healthcare industry, these two are definitely among the most beneficial for patients and seniors. In-home care in Texas and other local areas has made the lives of homebound patients and their families a lot easier.

Home care and home health care are both caregiving services delivered in a patient’s home. Although this makes it sound like the two are the same, they are actually not. This is a common misconception of a lot of people. The one-word difference between the two only adds up to the confusion. But what makes one different from the other?

Because they tend to be relatively the same, home care and home health care are often used interchangeably by some people. However, they are not exactly the same. Home care refers to non-medical caregiving services, such as personal care service, assistance with activities of daily living, and light housekeeping. Basically, it focuses on providing companionship while increasing the comfort and safety of the patients at home. On the other hand, home health care focuses on skilled care services. Some of these skilled nursing services include wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Its main goal is to deliver skilled care services to homebound patients. This is very convenient for them as they no longer have to travel or drive just to go to hospitals or treatment centers.

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