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How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Elderly and How We Can Protect Them During This Crisis?

How COVID-19 is affecting the Elderly and how we can protect them during this crisis?

The COVID-19 virus has taken over the world, with more than 150 countries being affected. One thing to note about this virus is that it attacks people of all ages, yet the elderly tend to be the ones who are the most affected by it. And that makes us worried because we all want to protect our parents and older people in the community.

Why is the COVID-19 virus affecting mostly old people?

COVID-19 is more severe than a regular cold, and it can bring in severe lung damage too. The reason why older people are affected mostly comes down to their immune function. A healthy, young immune system is able to fight just about any disease. However, as you get old, the immune system’s power declines. Most old people tend to have chronic diseases, and these weaken their immune systems. The white blood cell number is lower in older people, so their body’s ability to eliminate infections is reduced exponentially. As such, the immune system is unable to adapt, which is the reason why the COVID-19 does severe damage to the elderly.

On top of that, the elderly are not as efficient at sneezing and coughing when compared to younger people. Their airways are not as powerful, which means the COVID-19 virus (a virus that affects the airways) will end up causing severe problems. Any old person that has existing lung damage from breathing polluted air or smoking can deal with severe issues. COVID-19 can bring in severe pneumonia, the inability to breathe air properly, or in some situations, it can even lead to death.

How can we protect the elderly against the COVID-19 virus?

  • Encourage the elderly to stay inside and not go out under any circumstances. The COVID-19 virus is very easy to acquire from random sources. This is why the authorities and virologists state the best thing we can all do is to stay inside to limit our exposure to the virus, keeping everyone safe.
  • Tell the elderly to wash their hands often. The virus can easily transfer through items touched by infected people. Washing your hands and avoiding touching your face helps a lot. It’s a very important thing to take into consideration because proper hygiene can prevent any infection with COVID-19.
  • Cleaning surfaces often also helps a lot. This makes it easy for the elderly to stay in a clean environment, all while preventing any exposure to COVID-19.
  • Using masks to prevent COVID-19 air transfers. The virus transfers through droplets of saliva and items touched by infected people, so it makes sense to wear a face mask. Even if the elderly go shopping, the mask will protect them against any potential droplets that may reach their mouth and nose.


The COVID-19 pandemic is extremely challenging, and it brings in severe complications, especially for older people. This is why it’s very important to use all the guidelines above to protect yourself and the elderly around you. COVID-19 already has tens of thousands of casualties, most of which were over 65 years old. Let us teach our parents and all the older people about the aforementioned preventative measures today, and stop this deadly virus from spreading!

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