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Making Your Home Life with a Dementia Patient Safer

Making Your Home Life with a Dementia Patient Safer

Creating a place for your elderly loved one that is conducive to their dementia management is essential. It ensures that they are safe, taken care of, assisted, and supported. It also reduces the stress that you and your loved one will unavoidably encounter as the condition progresses.

As the leading provider of home care service in Katy, Texas, we at MY ANGEL Home Care, we’re providing you with home modification ways that can help your elderly loved one with dementia cope better and ensure their safety.

  • Secure and eliminate household hazards
    Dementia impairs judgment so the most obvious hazards such as cleaning chemicals and power tools/equipment may not look dangerous to them. Make sure to secure your cabinets containing these, lock doors leading to the basement or the tool shed, and disable appliances you don’t normally use.
  • Err on the side of caution
    Your loved one shouldn’t be treated like a child, but when you have a choice between letting them decide on their own or taking things into your hands, always choose the latter. So, for things like, “should I keep the rug off the floor for the slightest chance it can cause them to slide even when it’s well-placed and practically glued to the floor?”—the answer is always yes.
  • Modify hazardous areas of your home
    This includes your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and other areas frequently used by your elderly loved one. Install grab bars, non-skid mats, adjust the lights. an intercom-type system and security cameras, if possible.

You may also enlist our personal care service to assist with all activities related to personal care.

For a guaranteed expert assessment of your home, count on our in-home care in Texas for services that make living with dementia easier. Set an appointment today!

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