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Senior Safety 101: Fall Prevention

Senior Safety 101: Fall Prevention

Due to their limited mobility and frail conditions, seniors are usually left at home. Home is the most ideal and safest place for them. Unfortunately, accidents could still happen even in the comfort of home, especially when they are left on their own.

Seniors are no longer as strong as they once used to be. Completing simple everyday tasks, such as personal hygiene, may already be too challenging for them to accomplish. Even without the assistance of a personal care service provider, they become prone to accidents.

Among the most common accidents that happen to seniors at home is falling. There are different culprits for this, ranging from medical to environmental factors. Sometimes falls are caused by chronic health conditions, muscle weakness, and poor balance. Oftentimes, these can be caused by poor lighting, slippery floor, and cable wires. While some causes of falls are uncontrollable, there are also some that can still be managed. Therefore, it is more important to focus on the latter.

Falls can have serious consequences, especially for seniors who are already in frail condition. Aside from getting the assistance of in-home care in Texas, here are other precautionary measures that can be done to prevent falls:

  • Clean up clutters on the floor.
  • Remove any tripping hazard.
  • Install grab bars, handrails, and nonslip mats.
  • Improve lighting.
  • Avoid using the stairs.

Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to safeguard your senior loved ones from falls. Having an in-home attendant to assist them at all times will also do much to ensure their safety.

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