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Stroke: Tips for Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

Stroke: Tips for Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

Stroke affects a lot of people, leaving them temporarily or even permanently paralyzed. As a result, stroke patients often end up spending a lot of time at home to recover. Many families take advantage of home care service in Katy, Texas to help them with duties at home.

While a provider may be available to help your loved ones out, you can also make use of these tips to care for them:

  • Encourage Regular Rehabilitation Exercises
    After a stroke, patients often lose their motor skills. Regular movement will help rewire the brain, thereby promoting recovery from stroke. You or a provider of in-home care in Texas can assist your loved ones with performing rehabilitation exercises.
  • Manage Risks of a Recurrent Stroke
    Help your loved ones reduce stress and maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Talk to their doctor about other things they can do to manage these risks.
  • Keep Records
    List down your loved ones’ medications. Write down their possible side effects. Take a note of changes in your family members’ symptoms. Doing so will help you keep track of their progress and recovery.
  • Join Stroke Support Groups
    A support group will be a valuable resource for more tips on how to look after loved ones better. These include fall prevention, personal care service, and more.

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